New Paradigm Business Consulting

So what’s New Paradigm Business, anyway?

It is the future of business! It’s a whole new organizational structure and way of interacting. The face of business is changing and shifting dramatically, redefining how it will operate. Rev. Laura is calling New Paradigm Business “The Evolution of Business™ .” There are new ways in which businesses and employees can collaborate and create exponentially greater results. There are already businesses operating in a whole new way not only in the U.S. but around the world.

Everywhere you turn, there are either challenges and ‘breakages’ in traditional business. The hierarchies upon which they were built are no longer sustainable as we move into a whole new era.

Both the scientific and the spiritual worlds are revealing how much more productive and happy employees are when they are doing their passion for their job.

Did we really need scientific studies to reveal this? How about employees becoming equal stakeholders? What a revolutionary — and hugely successful — model it would be were everyone to come together to cocreate in a whole new way.

It’s not just a theory. It’s being modeled in a growing number of businesses around the world. Laura Jackson operated within a successful New Paradigm Business model, with years of sweat equity. She shares her personal experience of operating within this fluid, equal and sustainable structure, and leads groups through the process.

If there were ever a time for future visioning and collaboration building, it is now. Times of great change are upon us. Organizations, including non-profits, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and humanitarian-based organizations, can have a greater impact within our global community through building collaborations and alliances.

Start now!

It is time to begin growing your organization’s new foundation. Soul Action brings new skill sets and a unique perspective with both business and intuitive expertise. Through advising, facilitating and consulting you’ll receive solutions and opportunities that can transform your organization’s mission and propel forward growth.


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