Through individual Coaching sessions with Rev. Laura Jackson, you can create greater inner peace, rediscover your joy, and claim your soul’s path and purpose. Would you like to begin ‘living in the now’? Grow a deeper connection within your heart, with Source, and enrich your life. And it begins from exactly where you are.

Approaches and tools are individually tailored for each client. Reveal your blocks and unlock your opportunities. With gentle guidance and insights, Rev. Laura will help you gain clarity around your intentions. As you realize your Soul’s mission, road blocks will dissolve, and you will begin to actualize your heart’s desire.

Mentoring executives and visionaries offers guidance for those ready to transform their business and personal lives. Watch as these same tools can help transform your situation and allow new opportunities to evolve. This program is tailored to each individual and can be one-on-one or on an as-needed basis.

Creative and Analytical Solutions
Creative / “Being”
Analytical / “Doing”
Conflict Resolution (inner and outer)
Stress Management Techniques
Universal Human Values
Soul Purpose & Development
Your Identity and Branding
Business Development
Marketing & Business Plans
It all begins by going within
Learn how to set aside the workings of your mind and reconnect with your heart.
Honor yourself and others through living universal human values.

…Then you will learn to live in joy and peace.

One More Step, Creating a Soul Action Plan…
As your vision and purpose crystalizes, Rev. Laura will guide you through creating your own Soul Action Plan. Once you choose to move forward, you can integrate the guidance, tools and transformation you have learned, helping to anchor your dreams into reality.
By following your heart and your passion, your life can unfold and transform in a way you never imagined possible. We look forward to supporting you on your amazingly divine journey.Contact us today to take your first step.

Seven Heart Topics:
Learn 7 universal human values
Develop tools to go within
Reconnect with your heart
Discern your “soul” skills
Discover your soul’s path
Create your “Soul Action” Plan
Actualize your soul’s purpose
Helping Clients:
Develop a big enough “why”
Set an intention – clear and focused intentions are powerful
Is your mission your own or someone else’s?
Do you have a “Soul Action” Plan?
Deadlines and buddy systems
Implementation & follow-through