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"I have had the opportunity to hear Ms. Jackson speak on several occasions and I have to say that she is excellent. Her knowledge of her subject matter is obviously quite deep and the presentation is fresh and entertaining as well. She engages and interacts well with the audience and in watching the audience as she spoke, it was obvious to me that they felt right at home. Given the opportunity I would highly recommend that anyone attend any of her presentations or seminars."

Glen Moore, Senior Instructor and Therapist, Strong Mountain Association

Richmond, VA



"Laura Jackson is an ubiquitous soul in action as she aligns and allows spirit to pour through her heart/mind, body, and spirit to translate the light of pure cosmic wisdom on the topic of 2012. Laura additionally taps into the same etheric vibration by playing the flute and you will know that you have received a tremendous gift from spirit by being in her presence and listening to spirit's message to you through Laura."

Krystal Fenn

Richmond, VA



"Laura Jackson is a dynamic, compassionate, thought-provoking speaker. Her ability to interweave complex and separate pieces of research and information together in a way that is easily understood is powerful. If this were her only strong suit that would be more than enough. Laura takes the listener beyond the mind and fully engages the heart in the change that is required within each of us to shift the paradigm away from helplessness to empowerment."

Carol Fitzpatrick, visionary, seer, author: A Call to Remember: Follow Your Heart Change the World

Fredericksburg, VA



"Laura Jackson is one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Her command of the Earth Changes material is enormous and her presentation skills capture the listeners' total attention. I can't wait to hear her again."

Irma M. Ross, Psychotherapist, NCC, LPC




"I attended one of Laura's lectures last year at the A.R.E. I found her knowledge very informative and filled in a lot of gaps in my mind about earth changes, both from the past and the possibilities for the future. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in this field to hear her speak."

Mark Blair




"Laura stands among the few people who have successfully understood the prophecies found in the Edgar Cayce readings and interpreted them according to the geological changes happening around the world today. She emphasizes that prophecies are not set in stone and gives us all hope by pointing out that the earth changes serve the overall purpose of bringing us the potential of a wonderful future."

Una Marcotte, author and speaker on ancient civilizations

Virginia Beach, VA





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